85% Brits back clean British energy

David Cameron has come under fire on St George’s Day from the public – and a Dragon.

A new poll from Friends of the Earth shows that 85% of Brits want to see the Government increasing the use of clean British energy – and decreasing our dependence on imported gas, which is driving up fuel bills.

Two thirds of people want more of their electricity to come from our wind, sun and sea – which the UK has huge supplies of – and just 2% of people back more gas.

The poll marks the launch of our Clean British Energy campaign, backed by Dragons’ Den star Deborah Meaden.

David Cameron needs to say ‘I’m in’ to clean British energy, opening up a multibillion pound opportunity for British businesses.

Deborah Meaden, Dragons’ Den Dragon

Dash for gas

Despite the public’s demand for clean British energy, only 9.5% of UK electricity comes from renewable energy sources. Energy companies are keeping us hooked on imported gas, which is causing our fuel bills to rocket.

Speak up for clean energy, David

David Cameron is giving his first green speech as Prime Minister later this week at an international energy summit. We want him to use it to:

  • Shift the energy market away from just six big energy firms hooked on fossil fuels.
  • Help new, smaller energy companies into the power market to develop energy from our wind, sun and water.
  • Provide better support for communities, schools and hospitals wanting to plug into clean power.

What you can do

Switching to renewable energy and cutting energy waste is our best hope of affordable fuel bills for the future. It will boost our economy by creating thousands of new jobs. 

Tell Energy Secretary Ed Davey you want your electricity to come from clean British energy, by backing our campaign.