Saturday's Bee Cause Day of Action was not to be missed

12 September 2012

It's been a week of success stories, what with team GB, Andy Murray and all.

But before we get too blasé about big wins we need to take a moment to congratulate everyone involved in a fantastic Bee Cause day of action on 8 September.

A staggering number of people thronged to more than 50 events across the country. With film screenings, bee walks, big names signing our petition and lots more.

If you weren’t there you missed something special - so make sure you stay up to date by signing up to our emails here.

Martin Horwood MP in Cheltenham gamely presented bee face-painting prizes and offered the other cheek to get one himself.

Across the road bee experts from Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust led a brilliant Walk'n'Talk for 80 keen recruits. 

Eastbourne Friends of the Earth held not one but two bee walks attended by their local MP. And shadow Water and Waste Minister Gavin Shuker (pictured below, left) made a stand in Luton town-centre by signing our national petition.

Friends of the Earth local groups have taken many steps forward to a better life for UK bees this summer.

If they could talk, the bees would be shouting their thanks too.


Tom Coupe, Communications & Media Team

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