Doing something to help bees - the Bee Cause Day of Action

03 October 2012

The Bee Cause Day of Action was almost a month ago - but I’m still buzzing with excitement. I’ve had the pleasure of contacting the 50-plus local groups who took part to find out what they’ve been up to. Their stories have been truly inspiring.

The Harwich Peninsula group held two bee walks – the first attracting 70 people and the second a staggering 80. They were one of 12 groups who organised walks in their local area to weigh up its bee-friendliness and find things to improve. In total over 350 people attended walks across the country. There's obviously an appetite for action to help bees.

Tom Wright of Waltham Forest had this to say about his group’s film screening: “It went down a treat. We packed out a local Quaker meeting house with over 50 guests and hardly an empty seat. We had a local beekeeper selling local honey and the super Lucy Pearce from The Bee Cause campaign team helping us run a great discussion afterwards.”

Perhaps the most inspiring story came from the Eastbourne and District group. They’re one of our newest groups and have taken The Bee Cause by storm. They’re the first group to secure a council motion for a local Bee Action Plan and have done sterling work with councillors to make it happen. Visit our campaign hubs for the full story. Andy Durling, the group’s coordinator has been one of the truly inspirational figures to emerge.

I’ve been blown away by our groups' passion for The Bee Cause. Up and down the country they've run a huge range activities - from wildflower planting and stalls to music and poetry events and talks.

The reception from the public has been fantastic and it’s been so much fun. Seeing the pictures of groups dressed as bees and all the creative activities reminds me why I’m part of Friends of the Earth. We should bee very happy indeed - this was one Day of Action to remember.

Edward Burke, Activism team

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