Bee identity shocker

Only 12% of UK adults can correctly identify a honey bee, finds a new survey by Ipsos MORI for Friends of the Earth.

People were asked to spot the bee in a line-up of seven common insects, including wasps, hornets and hoverflies.

But most people chose the wrong insect and a quarter were convinced there were no bees in the line-up at all.

People in North West England did worst, closely followed by London and the North East. People in Scotland were the most accurate with 17% getting the right answer.

But it's not all bad news

While people couldn't spot the honey bee, the vast majority of those with a garden or window box said they were likely to plant bee-friendly flowers next year.

Even more said they wanted to learn about our buzzy little friends.

And you can help too

As well as planting bee-friendly flowers, the UK needs a National Bee Action Plan to help tackle all causes of bee decline.

Please sign our petition today and make sure bees get what they need to thrive.

Thank you.