Bees invoice Government for £1.8 billion per year

Giant bees descended on Westminster today to ask the Government to commit to a National Bee Action Plan. And to remind them of bees' vital role in the UK economy.

Our bees handed an invoice for £1.8 billion to a meeting of the Natural Capital Committee – a new body of experts that advise the Government on the value of our natural environment.

£1.8 billion is the amount it would cost UK farmers every year to pollinate their crops without bees.

A National Bee Action Plan

The stunt was part of Friends of the Earth’s The Bee Cause campaign - calling on the Government to introduce a National Bee Action Plan to stop falling bee numbers in Britain.

Friends of the Earth’s Nature Campaigner, Paul de Zylva said:

Unless urgent action is taken to tackle the decline in bee populations, farmers and consumers will be left to pick up an enormous bill.

He added, "The Government must take steps to protect these crucial natural pollinators – a British Bee Action Plan is needed now."

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