Putting the Bee into the BBC

The Youth and Education network recently visited Kings Lynn to spread the message about bees. Members linked up with Mr Bloom from the BBC to take part in their children’s roadshow.

It was one of a series of events over the summer taking place in Hartlepool, West Bromwich and Redruth. Local group members made The Bee Cause presence possible by helping out on the day.

The roadshows also featured other groups such as Froglife, promoting the outdoors and nature in different ways.

Catching them young

Mr Bloom features on a children's BBC TV show. Children join him on his allotment which features talking vegetables. The programme encourages young children to understand more about growing things like fruit and vegetables.

At the Kings Lynn roadshow Rachel Gibbons from the Youth and Education network helped children to find out about bees. She was also joined for the day by her mother and daughter.

The children practised orienteering to find bee friendly flowers and learnt about pollination. They also discovered that bees aren’t that scary after all and made bee models – we love bees! Early impressions matter so much.

Parents were encouraged to support their children too. They were asked to plant bee-friendly plants in their gardens and to sign up to the campaign.

A human beeing

At the same time Stanley from Tottenham and Wood Green Friends of the Earth dressed in a full bee costume to attract passers-by. He posed for photos with lots of children and performed the bee ‘waggle dance’.

By interacting with people he encouraged them to come into the tent to find out more.

See all the photos on our Flickr account.

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