Launch of the Big Ask

Thom Yorke, Radiohead and Tony Juniper, Director, Friends of the Earth launch the campaign

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According to a recent poll, nearly 3/4 of you think the UK Government should do more to stop climate change.


Thom Yorke supports
the Big Ask


We agree. That's why we've launched the Big Ask.

It has one simple aim - Getting people to ask difficult questions so the Government is persuaded to take action.

The Big Ask in a nutshell

Our new campaign is calling for a new climate change law. A law that would tackle the main cause of climate change - emissions of a gas called carbon dioxide.

The law would make the Government cut the amounts of carbon dioxide being released by 3% year on year.

Big Ask background

All the major political parties say climate change is the biggest threat we face.

They all have ambitious targets for cutting carbon dioxide (20% by 2010, 60% by 2050).

Yet emissions of carbon dioxide in the UK keep on rising.

The UK needs to show leadership in showing that climate change can be tackled.

We believe the Climate Change Bill is the best way of doing this.


This seems to be the first sane, reasoned way out of what is basically an international emergency. Any person out there who has any concern about global warming in this country, who feels powerless like I did, should think about getting involved in the Big Ask.


Thom Yorke, Radiohead

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