Adam's bike challenge. Stage 14: Economic value of the bee

Adam Bradbury

12 April 2012

‘Swarm out today. (That cost me 10p.) My colleague Rita has set up a swear box for the bees in the office. Make a bee-related pun – which seems to be an irresistible feature of our charismatic fuzzy friends - and you have to put 10p in the box.

Proceeds will go to my sponsorship target for Friends of the Earth's Big Green Bike Ride. And proceeds from the ride will support our campaigns - among them our brand new one to save the bee: The Bee Cause. Kerching.

So the bees are at it again. Not only do they, as our research points out, provide pollination services worth £1.8bn a year – but they’re helping fund their own campaign. Just by beeing. Kerching.

Pun away to your heart’s content in the comment field below. Go on - get them all off your chest.

Then please feel free to atone at the Justgiving page hive set up. If you gift aid it the chancellor gets stung for another 25%. It's for a very good cause. Thank you.

Adam Bradbury, Publishing & New Media Team

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