City of the future

'City of the Future' was an exciting public debate hosted by the Birmingham local group.

The group brought together a number of economics experts to discuss economic sustainability for the city. The event aimed to put forth positive green economic ideas ahead of the 2012 Budget. With over a hundred attendees, the event was a big success.

The debate brought new life to a subject that is often seen as dry or boring. It introduced bright ideas for different ways of creating an economy that would:

  • Work better to create jobs.
  • Protect the environment.
  • Make for happier communities.

Panel Discussion

The speakers at the event were:

The discussion was chaired by Alun Thorne, editor of the Birmingham Post.

Debating the issues

The speakers each proposed ideas to go into a manifesto for a creating a better economy for Birmingham in the future.

The suggestions included better energy efficiency to eliminate fuel poverty and provide more jobs in the insulation industry. The experts also spoke about the need for better, cheaper public transport. Each proposal was cross examined by representatives from local organisations including debt charities and businesses.

We hope this has provided some ideas about what would really make Birmingham’s economy thrive for people from all different backgrounds – a future where people feel more connected and part of the city.

Joe Peacock, Birmingham Friends of the Earth

In anticipation of the 2012 Budget, this was an great time to get people thinking about our economy. Read our opinion on the Budget.