Budget 2012

Will green still be a dirty word?

On Wednesday 21 March the Chancellor will unveil his annual Budget. The rumours are it's going to be very bad news for the environment.

We're expecting the unveiling of the Government's new planning system, which we think could lead to unsustainable development.

We're also bracing ourselves for what the Government's got in mind for the decades of hard-fought regulation to protect our environment.

And all will be set against the continuing drive of unfair cuts and a single minded pursuit of growth at all costs.

Broken promises

The Chancellor is breaking his promises.

In opposition he said that the Treasury under his watch would lead a green economy and fight for green jobs.

He slammed the then Chancellor for not speaking out on the environment.

Now it seems George Osborne sees protecting our natural habitats and ramping up clean energy as a hindrance.

Big ideas

Last year the Chancellor said that protecting natural habitats gets in the way of business.

And a month earlier he gave a speech to his party conference saying that the UK shouldn't lead the way in cutting emissions.

It seems he thinks going green is a dirty word.

But with the economy flatlining, and green investors backing off, the Chancellor's under pressure to change direction.

So we've put together five big ideas that Mr  Osborne should seize upon to show he's serious about both going green and mending the economy.

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