Budget 2012 – bad planning coming to a town near you

The Government is pressing ahead with controversial new planning guidance for councils.

The Chancellor says it will boost economic growth.

Friends of the Earth is concerned the new guidance will lead to out-of-control and bad development - costing, not making us money. 

In the Budget the Chancellor announced the guidance would be published next week.

Less protection

The Budget confirms that over 90% of  planning guidance will be removed.

It will remove safeguards that:

  • Protect our town centres, farmland and wildlife sites from bad development.
  • Help deliver warm and affordable homes.

Instead, it will say yes to development. This will make it easier for developers to build things like new roads and out-of-town shopping centres.

It'll be much harder to get developers to build the right things in the right places, like clean energy and homes. Local plans will go out the window.

Short-term thinking

The Government says that removing planning safeguards will help the economy.

But this short-term thinking ignores things like drought, flooding, the loss of wildlife and climate change – and it will prove costly for people and businesses.

Osborne says the new planning rules will protect our most precious environments but unless they address the environmental challenges we all face, Ministers will promote a development free-for-all that will cost us all a fortune.”

Naomi Luhde-Thompson, Friends of the Earth

Good development

We want a planning system that makes it clear what sustainable development is and: 

  • Gives local people a say.
  • Breathes life back into our high-streets.
  • Cuts emissions from transport.
  • Makes sure new homes are energy-efficient and affordable.

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