Chemical cocktail threat to bees

New research has provided fresh evidence that pesticides are harming bees.

The study was published by science journal Nature. It shows that the combined effect of two pesticides commonly used on UK fields can cause bumblebee colonies to collapse.

The findings are potentially embarrassing for the Government, which has been consulting on its draft national Pesticides Action Plan.

The European Commission says that the Plan should reduce the risks and impacts of pesticide use on human health and the environment.  

But instead the plan sets out business as usual – offering no additional protection to bees.  

Commenting on the research, Friends of the Earth's Nature Campaigner Sandra Bell said:

The evidence linking pesticides to bee decline is mounting – the Government must suspend the use of the most harmful chemicals, and urgently re-write its feeble Pesticides Action Plan to protect our endangered bee populations.

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Our Plan also asks the Government to address other key factors causing bee deaths, including farming practices and planning policy.