Fracking bid thrown out in historic victory for Lancashire people

Rosie Cotgreave

13 October 2015

There were ecstatic scenes on the streets of Preston on Monday (29 June) as Lancashire councillors rejected an application to frack at Preston New Road in Little Plumpton. 

Fracking company Cuadrilla saw a second application to frack in Lancashire turned down within a week. Both applications have been hugely unpopular with the local community. 

This is a stunning victory with councillors voting 9 to 3 against fracking. But the fracking danger is not over yet.

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fracking victory preston Lancashire Cheryl Atkinson

Cheryl Atkinson, 51 (above) of Fleetwood, Lancashire, said: "I'm delighted! I want clean water and clean air for my children and nothing any one can say will persuade me that fracking is clean.

"We should be investing in renewables: several countries are already running on renewables and there's no reason why we can't."


fracking victory preston Lancashire Lucy Barnes

Lucy Barnes (above), a 24-year-old mother of one, of Out Rawcliffe, said:  "It's marvellous that the council has stood up for the people and not just followed the money. They have stood up to a huge amount of pressure from the Government.

"But, of course, this doesn't mean the battle's over."


fracking victory preston Lancashire Finn Allen Lamont

Finn Allen-Lamont (above), a 19-year-old charity volunteer from Lancaster, said: "It's amazing. When I realised how they'd voted I was so happy.

"When I was older I had been planning to move away if fracking had gone ahead but now I can stay. It's brilliant.

"If fracking was allowed to happen here it would spread everywhere - that's why it needs to be stopped. We need to switch to renewable energy before it's too late."


fracking victory preston Lancashire Liz Beck

Liz Beck (above), from Manchester, a member of the Nanas anti-fracking group, said:

Local people have been working so hard for this for 4 long years


fracking victory preston Lancashire Philippa Morris

Philippa Morris (above), a 25-year-old health care assistant, said: "I'm absolutely delighted but this is only the start. If [Cuadrilla] still want to put in sensors we need to be working hard to build up more evidence.

"Anyone who knows anything about fracking knows it is bad for people and bad for the environment. It's only the people making money out of it who benefit."


fracking victory preston Lancashire Tony Balmer

Tony Balmer (above), 56, a retired engineer from Preston, said: "I'd like to applaud the councillors of Preston for standing up for the interests of their constituents. There has been an enormous amount of pressure put on them to approve this application but they've put the people first."

Years of hard work has gone into the campaign in Preston, with community groups expanding in membership every day in the run up to the decision.

Fracking is a dirty industry that risks health, quality of life and the climate.

This historic decision shows the power of local campaigning and local voices

But it’s is not over yet. The fight goes on.

Fracking in Lancashire - what happens next?

Fracking company Cuadrilla is considering appealing the decision. If that happens the Government could step in and force fracking on Lancashire.

We now need to ask David Cameron to respect the views of local people and keep Lancashire and the rest of the UK frack free.

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This story was first published on 1 July 2015, and updated on 7 October 2015


fracking victory preston Lancashire