Fracking: coming to a town near you

Rosie Cotgreave

18 August 2015

Today the Government offered up a further 27 licences to fracking companies.

If the companies decide to accept these licences, they'll be able to apply for planning permission to frack.

This means many more thousands of people in the UK could be subjected to fracking in their local community.

Anger and controversy will rise as people realise that their community could be at risk. Wherever new fracking plans have been proposed, local people have quickly opposed them.

Andrew Pendleton, Head of Campaigns at Friends of the Earth, shares his reaction:

Offering licences to frack will cause yet more anxiety for people living under the cloud of fracking. The Government is allowing companies to drill right through aquifers that are used to supply household drinking water.

Keep fracking out of the UK

A further 132 licences are expected later in the year – including areas which hold our water supplies.

These announcements have come after the Government changed the rules to fast-track fracking last week.

Fracking poses unacceptable risks to people’s health and the environment. Instead of going all out for shale, our Government should be promoting safe and secure renewable power.

Lancashire Council bravely rejected fracking in its community earlier this year, leading the way for other areas. But its refusal is being challenged.

If fracking happens in Lancashire, it’s more likely to happen elsewhere.

Help us fight fracking across the UK.

Keep fracking out of the UK

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