Use of bioenergy must be planet-friendly, Government panel warns

The independent Committee on Climate Change says increased use of bioenergy shouldn’t come at a global cost.

The UK is likely to need to increase use of bioenergy to reach air quality goals.

That's what an independent advisory panel to the Government says in a new review. But the country must do so using planet-friendly bioenergy for power generation, the panel says.

What is it?

Bioenergy is solid, liquid or gas fuels made from trees, crops and organic waste.

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) believes bioenergy may have to account for 10% of the UK’s future energy needs. That’s so the UK can meet its 2050 carbon-cutting targets.  

Friends of the Earth support

Friends of the Earth agrees with the CCC that as more bioenergy is produced and used, but we must protect rainforests and people in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia.

Big industrial biomass power stations which burn huge quantities of imported wood pose a real threat to the world’s forests and should not be supported by taxpayers’ money.

Kenneth Richter, Biofuels Campaigner, Friends of the Earth

Small scale is the right scale

Instead of importing crops for fuel, Friends of the Earth believe the UK should produce more power from small-scale, local bioenergy sources like food waste.

We also need a huge increase in tried-and-tested clean energy alternatives, like power from wind, sun and waves.

What you can do

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