Show of strength demonstrates that Green is Working

Over 250 people including Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden, green business and NGO bosses joined a protest at the Treasury.

They were there to demand that the Government takes the green economy seriously.

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) says that one third of the UK's growth last year came from green business.

Greening our economy is a financial investment in our future – low-carbon is where business is going and it's where the jobs will be.

Deborah Meaden, Clean British Energy campaign ambassador

The action was inspired by the iconic Saatchi & Saatchi ‘Labour isn't working' advert used by the Conservative Party in 1979.

But it had a green twist with everyone donning green hard hats to represent jobs in the low-carbon sector.

Here are some photos from the action.

Soaring bills

Recent days have seen most of the 'Big Six' energy firms announce inflation-busting price rises.

Cash-strapped households will continue to struggle with rising energy bills while our system remains hooked on increasingly costly gas.

The Government must help to insulate heat-leaking homes and launch a clean energy revolution.

This would boost the green economy.

Government confusion

Instead the Government's energy policy is a shambles.

They've announced policies that they can't implement and are failing to deliver the certainty that the green sector needs to thrive.

Take action

We need Energy Secretary Ed Davey to put a Clean British Energy target into the Government's new Energy Bill.

Your MP can make the crucial difference.

They must ask Ed Davey to ensure that there's a clean electricity target in the Energy Bill.

Please write to your MP now.