Green is working, says Deborah Meaden outside the Treasury

Marie Reynolds

19 October 2012

It's not every morning after your first cup of tea you find yourself donning a hard hat and queuing outside the Treasury with a Dragon on your arm.

But that's exactly what happened yesterday as I lined up along the pavement with Dragons’ Den’s Deborah Meaden, and 250 other people from charities, businesses, trade unions, the Women's Institute and faith groups, to tell the Government "Green is working".

Check out the photos right here.

It was a real-life version of the iconic Saatchi & Saatchi "Labour isn’t working" poster from 1979, which saw people queuing outside the employment office.

But this version was positive - and green – we were there to represent almost 1 million jobs in the green economy, which accounted for a third of UK growth last year.

Call me biased, but it's one of the most exciting things that's happened since I've been at Friends of the Earth. Between the oversized banners and flash photographers there was a real buzz among the participants, who ranged from CEOs to volunteers.

I spent most of my time running about coordinating media work. That and getting #greenisworking going on Twitter – where many more joined in the call for clean British energy and action on climate change.

Watch what Deborah Meaden had to say to The Guardian here.

She said Chancellor George Osborne was blind on green issues – even though green really is working and it's become mainstream.

It feels like we’re making waves. Politicians, businesses, charities and now the Dragon: all of us are saying the same thing. Green is working.

You too can help us call on David Cameron to step in and ensure his Government backs a greener economy. Starting with a 2030 target to clean up our electricity, in the Energy Bill being debated next month.

Marie Reynolds, Communications & Media team

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