Who would be the greenest Mayor for London?

We've joined forces with Greenpeace to give a detailed analysis of the candidates’ records and commitments to determine who would be greenest mayor.

Ken is greener than Boris

The report released today shows that Labour’s Ken Livingstone is the greenest of the two leading candidates to be London Mayor, but the Green Party's Jenny Jones comes top.

The report ranks the top four mayoral candidates – assessing their records, pledges and commitments across six key environmental areas:

  • Air pollution
  • Transport
  • Aviation
  • Climate change
  • Energy and energy efficiency
  • Green spaces

The report finds:

  • Jenny Jones, Green Party, is the greenest candidate
  • Labour’s Ken Livingstone is second
  • Brian Paddick of the Lib Dems is third greenest
  • Conservative Boris Johnson comes last

The state of our environment has a huge effect on our health and wellbeing – Londoners should consider candidates’ green pledges when deciding who gets their crucial votes.

 Craig Bennett, Friends of the Earth, Policy and Campaigns Director.

London Matters

Who runs London should matter not only to Londoners but the whole of the UK as:

  • How green London is will have a big impact on the UK hitting its climate change targets.
  • The capital has a global leadership role in making progress towards a more sustainable future

Polluted air and airport expansion

Two of the major issues facing Londoners are air pollution and aviation:

  • Currently air pollution kills 4,000 Londoners prematurely every year and could cost London £300 million in fines from the EU.
  • Aviation expansion in London and the South East would make these problems worse and also make it much harder to reach our climate change targets.

It’s crucial that the future Mayor of London responds to these challenges.

What you can do

Please raise the pressure on the candidates to up their green credentials by sharing our report and asking the candidates about their environmental pledges. Thank you.