Haringey votes unanimously to Get Serious about CO2

On 19 October, Haringey Council voted unanimously to pass a motion in support of our Get Serious About CO2 campaign.

In the motion the Council resolved to:

Develop an action plan with yearly targets to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2020 to become a leading member of the Get Serious about CO2 Friend’s of the Earth campaign.

Council motion

Before the vote took place coordinator Quentin Given of the Tottenham and Wood Green group and Muswell Hill and Hornsey coordinator Tim Root and made the case for the campaign.

They called for all council members to vote in favour of the motion.

They'd arranged to speak at the council meeting by arranging a deputation in advance.

Group members gave councillors postcards signed by their constituents on their way into the meeting.

Liberal Democrat councillor Bob Hare strengthened the motion with an amendment that:

  • Gave the Leader responsibility for delivering the target
  • Commits the council to annual reports on progress
  • Called on the council to lobby national government too.

The leader of the Council, Claire Kober, had already been lobbied with 620 signed postcards collected from local people.

Every councillor present, from all three parties, then voted for the motion.

This is great news. Haringey has to get serious about cutting its emissions. This will send a message to Government and Copenhagen that people are ready to take serious steps to tackle climate change.



Quentin Given, Tottenham and Wood Green Friends of the Earth

Council leader Claire Kober and cabinet member for the environment Brian Haley had both committed to adopting the target beforehand on 2 October.

The group had arranged for them to meet with Friends of the Earth Director Andy Atkins to create a media opportunity.

I'll use this example when I meet Ed Milliband and world leaders at Copenhagen.

 Andy Atkins, Executive Director, Friends of the Earth

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