Lower meat diet could save 45,000 lives

Eating meat no more than 3 times a week could save thousands of lives and £1.2bn in NHS costs each year.

That’s the outcome of a new report by Friends of the Earth.

Healthy Planet Eating presents research by Oxford University’s Department of Public Health. It reveals that eating less meat would mean:

  • 31,000 fewer deaths from heart disease
  • 9,000 fewer cancer deaths
  • 5,000 fewer deaths caused by stroke

in the UK each year.

Paltry poultry

The report also shows how factory farming and processing of meat has caused a nose-dive in quality.

A chicken produced in 2010 contains nearly 3 times as much fat as its 1970 equivalent – but 30 per cent less protein.

Eating the planet

The way we produce most meat is not only costing our health – it’s trashing the planet.

Factory farming drives wildlife loss in South America where rainforests are cleared to grow animal feed for UK and European farms.

Join the MOOvement for change

The Government can sort out this mess by backing a revolutionary new law this November.

The Sustainable Livestock Bill could see the Government promoting a healthier diet.

Meat fed on grass and home-grown feeds – not pumped full of soy from South America – would be the order of the day alongside more vegetables.

The Bill would also change the deal for UK farmers by sorting out subsidies and promoting planet-friendly farming.

Actress Helen Baxendale is backing the Bill - see how she has cut down meat consumption in this short video: