Help stop Norway dumping toxic waste in its fjords

Siôn Elis Williams

16 February 2016

Sami reindeer herders, scientists and local fishermen are part of an outcry against plans to dump toxic waste in one of Norway's pristine fjords.

Please tweet Norway's Prime Minister and Minister of Climate and the Environment and ask them to stop toxic dumping in Norway’s fjords.

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More Brits cruise Norway’s fjords each year than the Caribbean. Surprised?

Brits love Norway’s image of tranquil fjords with crystal waters surrounded by wooded mountains.

But this could change.

Norway’s well-deserved image is being shattered by its government which is allowing toxic mining waste to be dumped in west Norway’s Førde fjord.

A peaceful occupation of the mining site and gear has united Friends of the Earth in Norway with scientists, fishermen and reindeer herders of the Sami people in opposing Nordic Mining’s plans.

Pollution plans for home of whales and sea eagles

Currently, Førde fjord supports a smorgasbord of species – stocks of cod, threatened Atlantic salmon, sea eagles, orca whales (pictured) and corals.

“The way Brits see Norway will change if the fjord is harmed,” says Friends of the Earth’s Paul de Zylva, who notes how Norway’s tourist adverts trade on the pristine natural environment.

Norway’s tourism board uses the nation’s pristine image, and "Powered by nature" and "Whale of a time" slogans and videos.

Amount of mining waste in Norway fjord

Up to 250 million tonnes of toxic waste including large amounts of heavy metals from mining for rutile (titanium) ore in the Engebø mountain, would be dumped into the fjord by Nordic Mining over the next 50 years.

It’s also surprising to learn that Norway is the only country in Europe to permit dumping of mining waste at sea, and one of only 5 countries worldwide.

Top marine scientist, Professor Callum Roberts of the University of York, cricitised the plans:

“This is pollution on a grand scale. There will be a huge downstream impact in the fjord and beyond. The pollution will get into the food chain. It can only be economics driving this. There is absolutely no ecological excuse.”

Ingrid Skjoldvær of Young Friends of the Earth Norway says:

“British tourists who love the fjords will wonder why Norway lets its pristine waters be dumped with toxic mining waste, harming nature and tourism alike.”

Like the fjords the message is clear: No Way Norway.

Please tweet Norway's Prime Minister and Minister of Climate and the Environment and ask them to stop toxic dumping in Norway’s pristine fjords.

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You can also sign a petition to Norway's Prime Minister.

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