Honey beer gives bees a boost

30 March 2017

Love bees? Enjoy a pint? Friends of the Earth is teaming up with Brakspear to launch Honey Bee beer to raise awareness about Britain's threatened bees.

Enjoying a pint in a pub garden has got to be one of the easiest ways to support Friends of the Earth’s Bee Cause campaign.

That's exactly what you can do this summer.


Chequers Fingest garden 425.jpg
The bee-friendly garden of Brakspear pub The Chequers Inn, in the Oxfordshire village of Fingest.


Donate with every pint

Brakspear will donate 10p from every pint of its seasonal Honey Bee, a 4.4% ABV honey beer. It will be available in selected Brakspear pubs in Henley, where it was made in their own micro-brewery, from 1 April – and available more widely in Brakspear pubs as their seasonal ale for May.

Find your nearest Brakspear with their handy pub finder.

Created by Brakspear head brewer Malcolm Mayo, Honey Bee is brewed using Maris Otter and Crystal malts as well as malted oats, First Gold and Williamette hops, and has subtle honey notes.

Orwells Shiplake beekeeper and honey 425.jpg
Beekeeper with honey from beehive at Brakspear's award-winning pub Orwells in Shiplake, Oxfordshire.

Join the Great British Bee Count

Honey Bee is one part of Brakspear’s support for British bees this year. Pubs will also be encouraging customers to take part in the Great British Bee Count from 19 May – 30 June 2017. 

This initiative by Friends of the Earth encourages the public to get outdoors and do some bee spotting with a free smartphone app. It’s a fun way to learn more about bees and provides some easy steps we can all take to protect them. 

The data from the sightings will also help experts build a better picture of how our bee populations are faring.

Join the
Great British Bee Count

Brakspear Chief Executive Tom Davies said:

“We are very proud of Honey Bee and delighted to be continuing the partnership with the Bee Cause that we started in 2014, when many of our pubs planted bee-friendly flowers and shrubs in their gardens, patios and window boxes.

“Brewing a honey beer and supporting the Bee Cause are naturals for Brakspear. Not only do we have a bee in our logo, but most of our pubs have gardens or outdoor floral displays that depend upon bees, which is why so many of our licensees and their customers supported the campaign in previous years. 

“We’re sure that Honey Bee will once again be popular among our customers and we look forward to presenting Friends of the Earth with a sizeable donation later this year.”

Friends of the Earth staff, dressed as bees, enjoy a pint with Brakspear Chief Executive Tom Davies
Friends of the Earth staff, dressed as bees, enjoy a pint with Brakspear Chief Executive Tom Davies, by Avril Wilson-George

Friends of the Earth Chief Executive Craig Bennett said:

“We’re extremely grateful to Brakspear for its fabulous support for our Bee Cause Campaign, and its tremendous efforts in raising awareness of the plight of the humble bee.

“People can enjoy a pint of Honey Bee and know they're helping these precious pollinators, which are currently facing enormous threats, such as habitat loss, pesticide use and climate change.”

Did you know?

The bee on the Brakspear logo has its roots in a centuries-old connection to Nicholas Breakspear, the only English Pope and a distant relative of the Brakspear family. 

Elected as Pope Adrian IV in 1154, his papal seal included a bee, apparently as a reminder of the "B" at the beginning of his name.

Join the
Great British Bee Count

Two Friends of the Earth staff members, wearing bee costumes, enjoy a pint of Brakspear's Honey Bee beer