MPs have voted on new meat and dairy law

The Sustainable Livestock Bill has fallen short of the 100 yes votes it needed to keep on track.

Early on in the debate the word in Westminster was that we had the 100 MPs we needed to vote yes for the Bill.

The incredible final push from our supporters had certainly got the backing of enough politicians.

But as the debate wore on - and hostile MPs made it impossible to start the voting - some supportive MPs were forced to head off for other commitments.

But despite losing the vote we mustn't lose sight of what we have achieved - or that the campaign goes on.

So what have we achieved?

We may not have got 100 MPs to turn up and vote for a new law, but many more from across the political spectrum want to see the issue tackled.

When 60,000 actions are taken by members of the public, issues stay on the political radar. Many politicians have called this the best supported Private Members' Bill they've known for a very long time.

We have also pulled an ever-growing and influential coalition behind the campaign. Even the National Farmers Union has called the Bill "admirable".

Perhaps most important was the decision of the Labour Party to support the Bill's progress.

What's next?

Of course a new law would have been a massive leap forward for planet-friendly farming.

So we'll explore what more we can do with the Bill with supportive MPs - but there are other opportunities too.

Labour's support is an opportunity to keep pressure on the coalition.

And even the Government themselves know that growing soy for animal feed is wiping out vast swathes of South American habitat - and agree it is a problem. They just didn't want a legal commitment to action.

In the coming months they plan to bring forward many of the policy changes we want - new rules for buying the food we serve in schools and hospitals and new labelling to make it clear when food is British.

With a few tweaks these could help reduce our soy consumption too.

We'll keep opposing the destruction and pushing for real action for planet-friendly farming.

The response of our supporters has convinced us that we'll still get there.

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