Huge potential for energy from waves and tides

Marine energy can be a big part of the UK's clean energy future. But a new select committee report warns the Government must take a "more visionary approach."

There's massive potential for the power of the UK coastline's crashing waves and strong offshore tides to reduce our fossil fuel needs.

That's what today's report from the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee says.

UK is world leader

Friends of the Earth believes new marine technology could mean tens of thousands of jobs and a source of clean energy in the UK. 

Most people don’t know we’re already world leaders in this technology. The Government must make it easier for marine power developers to transform our broken energy system.

Paul Steedman, Energy Campaigner, Friends of the Earth

The committee report also warns that if the UK is too cautious about development, other countries may take over the lead.

Energy we can all afford

Friends of the Earth is working tirelessly to help the UK move away from a dangerous reliance on coal and gas.

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