Meat and dairy Bill goes to Parliament

The Food Chain campaign has taken a massive step forward.

Thanks to months of relentless campaigning we now have a Bill before Parliament.

New Bill on the table

The ‘Sustainable Livestock’ Bill was presented on 23rd March 2010 by Peter Ainsworth - backed by a group of cross-party MPs.

The Bill calls for an ambitious new plan to reduce the damaging environmental and social impacts of meat and dairy.

It also supports fair, green and healthy livestock farming.

While we can continue to eat and enjoy meat and dairy, we must ensure it doesn't cost us the rainforests and cause climate chaos. By supporting farmers to shift from factory-farmed meat to planet-friendly farming, we can cut emissions and enjoy better meat

Peter Ainsworth

Widespread support

Over 30,000 people asked their MP to fix the food chain.

As a result over 40% of all MPs have got behind the campaign – a huge result.

But with a new Parliament on the horizon we've got a lot more to do to make this new Bill become law.

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