Memories of Basecamp 2014

A Victorian Gothic mansion. Yurts, tents, gazebos and a stately marquee. A bee-friendly garden, a Celtic round-house, glorious trees. Walks on the fells, campaign workshops, conversations, dancing, singing, lantern-making, bonfires. Hearing stories, making friends.

All this and more at Basecamp 2014, Friends of the Earth’s grassroots get-together in Castleton, Derbyshire.


The scene was set at the imposing Victorian Youth Hostel in Castleton, Derbyshire.  


Stories from people fighting for justice. Heart-warming, emotional, funny. A great way to kick off Basecamp.   


Meanwhile... the kids raced into a weekend of activities including building camps in the woods.


Manchester Friends of the Earth picking up the award for Group of the Year Earthmovers Awards.


The weather was kind, as evening festivities commenced.


"What 4" an a cappella quartet started the evening's acoustic entertainment. 


Behla Hutchinson and Emma Coleman enchanted us with folk music. 


Catherine Howarth, Executive Director of ShareAction, challenged us to take on the might of the financial sector in the John Preedy Memorial Lecture on Saturday morning. 


While the kids enjoyed storytelling time.


It was tough deciding which workshops to attend. Some learnt to swing dance. 


While the fracking workshop was packed out.


And others helped plant a Bee World in the grounds.


The kids got stuck into making props for our new Run on Sun campaign.


Tea time was a chance to relax and catch up with old friends and new.

At the Sunday morning Year in Action we celebrated campaigning stories from around the network...








The Year in Action was brought to life by artists.


It was truly inspirational.  


The grand finale commenced. A monstrous fracking beast descends on the crowd... 





But the crowd stood their ground...



And were ably assisted by children dispelling the monster with the power of renewable energy. 





And let's not forget the human turbine... 





Thanks to everyone for a wonderful weekend. Here's to Basecamp 2015.

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