MPs had the chance to protect our drinking water – what did they do?

Last night MPs voted to overturn a ban on fracking in areas that provide about a third of our drinking water. 

The vote also may let fracking companies drill horizontally under our national parks.

Fracking for gas involves pumping toxic chemicals and water at high pressure underground. Only last December, New York banned fracking over health concerns. Scotland has also suspended all fracking while it assesses the health and climate risks.  

Labour must now oppose fracking

All eyes will now be on the Labour Party. It committed to oppose fracking altogether if the Government didn’t meet its conditions – including protecting all national parks and ground water source protection zones from fracking. “all or nothing” were the words which Labour shadow minister Tom Greatrex used.

A mockery of democracy

Green Party MP Caroline Lucas accused the Government of making “a mockery” of democracy as only one hour was allowed for the debate.

First, David Cameron refused to listen to the publica leaked letter exposed his Government as going all out for shale gas no matter the opposition. And the opposition is growing. More than 300,000 people are calling on the prime minister to scrap his plans to make life easier for fracking companies.

Then – only days after agreeing to Labour’s safeguards for our national parks and drinking water – the Government fiddles with the law to undo those environmental protections.

Fracking is linked to water contamination in the USA and Australia. But it also contributes to dangerous climate change. And it is unlikely to lower fuel bills in the UK.

Help Lancashire stay frack free

This makes it even more important that we stop fracking. Lancashire County Council is deciding in the next few weeks whether to allow fracking to go ahead.

Please make sure they vote no.

Sign our no-fracking petition