Osborne’s Budget rejects new green jobs and lower energy bills

The Chancellor’s message makes a mockery of the Government’s promise of a clean future with cheaper, greener energy, says Friends of the Earth.

Chancellor George Osborne stood up in the House of Commons to explain his much-awaited Budget.

He promptly backed down on his boss’s promise to lead a green economy and fight for green jobs.

This Budget sticks two fingers up at David Cameron’s promise to build a clean future.

Andy Atkins, Executive Director, Friends of the Earth

Jobs and fuel bill cuts

A Government-led move towards green energy and away from fossil fuels would mean:

  • Cheaper heating bills from UK-based green energy
  • Cheaper electric bills
  • Worldwide leadership in the development of green energy technology
  • Jobs. Green jobs.

But business leaders have been subjected to a Jekyll and Hyde routine by the Chancellor on developing a low-carbon economy, Atkins says.

The UK could be a world leader – investing in clean British energy would create new jobs and free us from the dirty gas imports responsible for soaring fuel bills.

Andy Atkins, Executive Director, Friends of the Earth

Atkins says the Chancellor has the UK primed for more roads, airports and gas power - keeping us hooked on costly fossil fuels for many more decades.

Big picture thinking

The Chancellor’s Budget is an obstacle in the short term. Friends of the Earth continues to look at the bigger picture and will work to get us on the path to green jobs and cheaper fuel bills.

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