Pupils 'ecstatic' as Walthamstow school wins solar panels

Stoneydown Park Primary School has won free solar panels.

Stoneydown Park Primary School in Walthamstow, London, is walking on sunshine after triumphing in our national competition to win free solar panels worth up to £15,000.

The competition was neck and neck right up to the eleventh hour. But Stoneydown Park Primary School slid into first place notching up over 7,500 votes. It faced stiff competition from the five other shortlisted schools.

The schools were asked to work with pupils on something creative themed on solar power. The judges were particularly impressed with Stoneydown's video montage of solar powered inventions designed by children in years 3 and 6.

Their designs were produced in a science lesson where children learned about how solar power is generated. The acompanying song 'Beautiful Flowers' was sung by Stoneydown pupils and the pebble art was made by their eco art club.

Stoneydown E17 Solar film entry 1, by Stoneydown Primary


Stoneydown Park pupils were euphoric when they heard that they'd won the competition. A youngster involved in creating the winning entry described himself as "ecstatic". 

Head Teacher Jayne Cominetti said she was "absolutely thrilled. We have had amazing support from children, staff, parents and many people in the wider community which has been massively appreciated."

This means a great deal for us as we are really committed to educating children about the environment so this will be a wonderful legacy for generations of Stoneydown children to come.

Jayne Cominetti, Stoneydown Park School

School pupils and teachers

Above: Pupils and staff at Stoneydown Park. Back row, Eco Leader Claire Davies and Head Teacher Jayne Cominetti; front row, Nikole Markova, who sang the solo in the school's competition entry, Yusuf Akbar who drew the art, Oscar Russell and Iqra Hussein.

Friends of the Earth launched Run on Sun last year to make it easier for schools to get solar power. Players of People’s Postcode Lottery are among a number of organisations and people backing our campaign.

If you were inspired by our competition and want more schools to run on solar power, please sign up to our campaign. Thank you.

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