Reclaiming power

Friends of the Earth presents an alternative energy model that would tackle climate change and enable everyone to gain access to energy.

Our current energy model is not working:

  • Our dependency on fossil fuels is driving dangerous climate change 
  • Our traditional energy model fails to serve 40 per cent of the world’s population adequately
  • 1 billion of those without electricity will not be reached in the next 20 years by expanding national grids

The alternative

Friends of the Earth proposes an energy model based on a system of globally funded feed in tariffs which guarantee payments for local renewable energy generation. This model would help to: 

  • Tackle climate change by shifting energy away from polluting fossil fuels
  • Deliver low-carbon, decentralised energy 
  • Address poverty and development through universal access to clean, reliable, affordable energy
  • Rapidly lower the cost of renewable energy technology, making a low-carbon transition easier and cheaper worldwide

This mechanism should be publicly funded by rich countries who have committed to help developing countries adapt to climate change.

Sources of funding could include:

A future based on clean, affordable energy for all is possible and vital to tackle climate change.

Pascoe Sabido
International Climate Campaigner, Friends of the Earth

Further information

To read more about this alternative energy system, read the full report: Reclaiming Power: An energy model for people and the planet