Thousands urge Cameron to defend solar industry

More than 12,000 people signed Friends of the Earth's letter to the Prime Minister in less than a fortnight - urging him to support a growing solar industry.

The letter from Friends of the Earth's Executive Director Andy Atkins urges the Prime Minister to protect jobs and support a growing solar industry. It was handed to the Government this week.

The Government is expected to announce plans today (9 February) for the future of the solar industry.

We believe Cameron must:

  • Top up the budget for solar using taxes already flowing from solar jobs.
  • Scrap plans to make only the most energy-efficient homes eligible for solar panels - meaning 9 out of 10 could miss out.
  • Increase support for social and community housing projects.
  • Make sure the Government does not waste resources by pursuing another costly legal appeal.

Legal victory

Illegal Government plans have put thousands of green jobs at risk and would reduce the solar industry to a tenth of its current size.

The measures outlined in our Director's letter will support green jobs and help people cut bills by tapping into green energy.

What you can do

We're calling for continued support for clean British energy, and a public inquiry into the Big Six companies' domination of the energy industry. 

Please join Friends of the Earth's Final Demand campaign.