Support wind power around the UK

Kentish Flats offshore windfarm


Climate scientists say global carbon dioxide emissions must peak and begin to decline in the next 10 years if we are to prevent the worst effects of climate change.

Wind power is the best developed renewable technology we have to reduce emissions right now.

Press for change

Friends of the Earth groups are backing windfarms around the country. 

If you live locally you can make a difference by supporting these projects:

Yorkshire & Humber - Humber Gateway offshore windfarm.

Staffordshire - Bleak House windfarm, between Heath Hayes and Burntwood.

Leicestershire - Swinford windfarm, between Swinford and Walcote.

Hertfordshire - Weston Hills windfarm, Weston and Baldock.

West Yorkshire - Hook Moor windfarm, near Micklefield.

North Bedfordshire - Airfield windfarm, near Hinwick.

Take action

You can make a big difference to the success of renewable energy projects. Find out more.