Supreme Court bins Govt. appeal in Friends of the Earth win

Friends of the Earth said months ago - and the courts agreed - that the Government had illegally lowered its incentives to go solar.

The Supreme Court said today that the lower courts got it right. The Government acted unlawfully.

No other appeals are possible in the case which was brought by Friends of the Earth.

Paralysed by court case

The long fight kept the solar industry, homeowners and forward-thinking companies on edge.

They were wondering if the panels they'd installed before 3 March would receive the incentives that were promised.

This is the third court that’s ruled that botched Government solar plans are illegal –
a landmark decision which will prevent Ministers causing industry chaos with similar subsidy cuts in the future.

Andy Atkins, Executive Director, Friends of the Earth

Finally moving forward

The Government must now get on with the urgent task of restoring confidence in UK solar power, said Atkins.

It recently pledged a huge increase in solar by the end of the decade, and must now spell out how it is going to do it.

Friends of the Earth maintains that investing in clean British energy will create thousands of jobs and reduce our reliance on expensive fossil fuel imports.

Last chance to show support

Friends of the Earth will be at No. 10 Downing Street on Monday to hand in a petition demanding energy we can all afford and an end to the massive influence of the Big 6 energy companies.

There’s still time to sign on. Please sign now.