What are Friends of the Earth groups doing to help bees?

Tom Wright

23 September 2015

Local Friends of the Earth groups take action for bees and call on the Government to protect them from toxic pesticides.

 Help bees with
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Here are some of the highlights...

With the help of local residents, schoolchildren and councillors, Brighton & Hove Friends of the Earth planted a new Bee World. They used 2,000 wildflowers to turn a grass verge into a haven for the city's bees.

Creating a Bee World in Brighton

In Kirkham the Central Lancashire group teamed up with a local school and church to create a Bee World so big that a tractor had to prepare the site.

Tractor preparing a Bee World site in Kirkahm, Lancashire

Alongside planting a wildflower meadow the group is calling for schools to have easier access to solar panels. Mark Menzies MP came along to support both bees and schools run on sun.

Mark Menzies MP supports Run on Sun

Staff at the B&Q store in Cwmbran joined Torfaen Friends of the Earth on a stall.

Campaigning for bees for Cwmbran B&Q

And staff at the Lush store in Bromley got in on the act too. They dressed for the occasion and helped Bromley Friends of the Earth raise the profile of bees.

Staff at Bromley Lush store supporting the Bee Cause

Hackney & Tower Hamlets Friends of the Earth linked up with Green Kite Ceilidh Band for an evening of music and merriment. With a side order of bees.

Ceilidh dancing

The Lambeth group rallied support at a festival in Dulwich.

Lambeth Friends of the Earth

Meanwhile there were various sightings of giant bees. This one in Chester was joined by a beekeeper.

Chester Friends of the Earth

And one was even spotted buzzing around the Isle of Man.

Isle of Man Friends of the Earth

Inspired by the Bee Cause the new coordinators of Cheltenham Friends of the Earth are holding a relaunch party.

Cheltenham Friends of the Earth

There's lots you can do to help bees near you

Want to join in with the bee-friendly fun? Find a Friends of the Earth group near you and help bees where you live.

Or why not consider planting a Bee World and provide much-needed food and shelter for our bees.

You could also create a Bee & Bee and help these little creatures thrive in your local area.

We’d love to hear from you. Share your #BeeCause photos and stories with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Creating a Bee World in Brighton