What you said at the UK's biggest ever climate change lobby

Rachel Kennerley

18 June 2015

Nuns, farmers and surfers were among the thousands of people, from all walks of life, convening in Westminster on Wednesday 17 June. Why? To lobby their MP over climate change.

It was quite a sight. Droves of people, including 1,000 Friends of the Earth supporters, queuing down the river, across Lambeth Bridge and back along the other side.

Performers entertained the crowds as MPs were ferried around in rickshaws. And all in the name of tackling climate change.

This most unlikely assembly of people had come from all over the UK to tell their MPs to take ambitious action on climate change.

The UK needs to massively cut its emissions in the next few years if we're to avoid a climate crisis. A strong stance would send out a powerful message to world leaders before the big climate talks in Paris this December.

We were out and about yesterday to ask why you were there...

Alastair Hanton

“Climate change is a big issue and it’s something humanity can do something about if only it gets its act together.

“I’m a great believer in campaigning as a way of changing things."


Fatima Panahi, North London

“I care most about the fact that climate change affects people who are least responsible for it. It’s important people realise that.”


Christiana Odejayi, Putney

“I love God and I love humanity and I believe our God gave us our world to look after and we’re not making a very good job of it.

"So there is a need to raise awareness of what is happening.”


Adam Luqmani

“It’s always disappointing to see scepticism on climate change – questioning the science.

"It’s always disappointing there’s even a debate at this point.

“I research innovation and sustainability so I’m really interested in ideas and approaches to tackle this issue.

"It’s hard to get to grips with it so there’s a question with framing the problem to break it down into actionable chunks.”


Mass lobby London June 15 2015

Andy Cummins (left) standing next to Jack Middleton, St Agnes

"I’m a surfer, a water user and a father.

"I want to be able to use the sea as I know it and love it without increased pollution from sewer overflows -

"without the changing face of the coast from coastal erosion. I want my daughters to be able to use the sea as I use it.

“So it’s really important this Government takes strong action over the next 5 years on climate change. It’s now or never.”


Mass lobby London June 15 2015

Emma Walmsley, Harringay, London

"I came to the Climate Change march that was organized a couple of months ago.

"It was great to actually be around people and have that sense that other people care."

Mass lobby London June 15 2015

Tom Old, Poole

"I don’t believe that the solution to climate change contradicts with business.

"In fact it can open up a sort of second (green) industrial revolution, which is something conservative MPs should take on board."

Mass lobby London June 15 2015

Pupils from Dulwich Wood Primary speaking to Helen Hayes MP

"I thought her answers were good and that she will help the country get more solar panels."

Mass lobby London June 15 2015

Thousands of people did something to stop climate change today.

If you want to take action too, please sign our petition to stop fracking in Lancashire.

Sign to keep Lancashire frack free

Mass lobby London June 15 2015