Wimbledon tennis fans warned of massive strawberry price rise

Imagine the cost of a strawberry punnet at the tennis tournament if our bees disappeared.

Wimbledon tennis fans were today warned that one of their tournament traditions could soon be out of reach without Government action.

The strawberries in Wimbledon's famous strawberries and cream would face price rises of 84% if bees disappeared.

That's according to new research from Friends of the Earth highlighted by giant bees that joined The Queue for tickets at Wimbledon.

Strawberries are highly reliant on bees for pollination.

Unless we make changes to the way we farm and plan our towns and cities it will be game, set and match for bees.

Paul De Zylva, Nature Campaigner, Friends of the Earth

You can help right now

There's still time to save the UK's bees.

We're supporting people to make changes in their gardens and communities to help bees and we're asking the Prime Minister to commit to a National Bee Action Plan.

Support The Bee Cause here.

Troubling findings

The report from the University of Reading for The Bee Cause also showed that insecticide use on strawberries has risen dramatically in recent years.

Whether you're a tennis fan or not, many of us are enjoying strawberries, but this research is a warning we must listen to

Paul De Zylva, Nature Campaigner, Friends of the Earth