Revival: 10 requirements for a sustainable Northern Ireland

Declan Allison

28 February 2017

Friends of the Earth is calling for a revival. Nothing short of a revival in our political culture will deliver a sustainable, safe and healthy future.

We call for a revival that is rooted in compassion, a sense of belonging, and a new political culture based on ambition, fairness, and the common good. Our new story of progress can be summed up in just three words: living well together.

The world and where we live is in transition. We can decide to put to rest the old story of an extractive political culture; the fear; the corrosive sectarianism, and the negativity. Overlaid by failed economics this old story has given us some of the worst water quality and ecosystems, and some of the biggest illegal dumps, factory farms, and quarries in Europe.

We have a new story to tell. Green tourism, local economic development, a reawakened food culture, the credit union movement, the growth in cycling. Emerging nature protectors and those in the creative economy are showing there is another way. We want a society, not just an economy where nature, people, and a sense of belonging and community can flourish. 

We can do better than have another lost decade. Our list of ten requirements is a platform for revival. A revival of democracy of politics and of our cultural and ethical values. If we listen carefully, this revival has already started. We demand of the new Programme for Government a new story of who we are and what do we want to be.   

Read our manifesto for a sustainable Northern Ireland.