Connect with the growing climate movement – dates for your diary

2014 was the hottest year in recorded history. Climate change is already affecting people across the globe - from flooded households in the UK to Filipino communities uprooted by storms, and farmers hit by droughts in the Sahel.

But vast numbers of people around the world are already working hard to tackle this injustice.

The mercury is rising fast - but the movement to cool the planet is rising up faster.

And as the Friends of the Earth network of local groups and activists, we’re all part of it.

There are lots of opportunities this year to join with others, connect the dots, and show that we have the solutions - and that world leaders need to catch up.

Key dates for your diary

Late April / May: Fracking decision in Lancashire

Lancashire County Council has delayed its decision on Cuadrilla's fracking application until 30 April. And it's so close to the General Election that it could be delayed further. We'll be campaigning for the Council to reject fracking decisively and send a loud message that the UK needs to go frack free.

12-14 June: Basecamp

Our annual Friends of the Earth national gathering will host lots of exciting sessions on movement building and December's UN climate talks in Paris, as well as sessions on stopping dirty energy (including fracking) and supporting the alternatives through Run on Sun and community energy. Book your place here and please spread the word – inviting people to Basecamp is a great way to welcome new people into the Friends of the Earth family.

17 June: Mass Lobby of Parliament

The Climate Coalition is organising a mass lobby of MPs for 17 June. It's a key moment to put climate change at the top of the Government's agenda, whoever wins the election this May. As a member of the Climate Coalition, we hope to help make this a huge event with thousands attending. So please start spreading the word. See more details and sign up here

21 June: Run on Sun national Day of Action

Join Friends of the Earth groups and activists around the country as they call on the new Government to back a solar-powered Schools Action Plan and make sure every school gets the support it needs to run on sun. Contact Tom on [email protected] or 020 7566 1673 to find out how to get involved.

Throughout spring and summer: Decentralised actions across the country

Join up locally, nationally and internationally by running the fracking and/or Run on Sun campaigns in your local areas; and taking part in decentralised actions on dirty and clean energy happening worldwide.

In June there will be mobilisations linked to the G7 in Germany - a meeting of 7 of the most powerful and polluting countries in the world. Later in the summer, there’ll be more actions planned as part of Run on Sun, possibly including Solar Independence Day on 4 July.

26 September – early October: Global Frackdown Day & Reclaim Power

Join communities and Friends of the Earth groups around the world calling for a stop to dirty energy and supporting clean-energy alternatives. There will be events and actions linked with the national and international movement.

30 November – 12 December: UNFCCC climate talks in Paris (COP21)

There are lots of options for you here. You could get involved in actions and events in your local area, helping to build the movement in the UK that can create the change we need beyond Paris. The Friends of the Earth network will be also coming together in Paris itself – a wonderful chance to join fellow activists from all over Europe. And there’s likely to be a march in London to mark the beginning of the COP too.

31 January 2016: 'People’s Demands' debate

Come to a national assembly. Have your say on our collective next steps after Paris, and help agree 3 transformational people’s demands that we will focus on together in 2016. Save the date - it’s going to be huge.

31 March 2016: An action on energy solutions, Trafalgar Square, London

Show your support for climate solutions by taking part in this action aimed at our European leaders – one of many parallel events happening in cities across Europe. Details tbc.

And that’s just the beginning...

There are many details still to be figured out, but the vision is clear: by early 2016 we’ll have a bigger, broader and more powerful climate movement that will continue to grow and get stronger. So let’s start that ball rolling now by linking up at every opportunity we can.

And please invite others to take part and help build the diversity of our movement.

Join the conversation: In February and March 2015 you can find out more and have your say by coming to a gathering near you. A great chance to meet other campaigners in your area working on fracking, renewables and climate change. We’ll be setting up further meetings, training and more chances for conversations.

Until then, here are a few reasons to be hopeful about what we can achieve.

Peoples climate march