Economics & finance

Our economy should focus on meeting all people’s needs – and do this within the planet’s environmental limits.

It’s about much more than creating billionaires or generating huge corporate profits.

But currently we have an economy fuelled by consumption, debt and crippling short-term thinking.

And our financial sector is still dominated by a few massive banks with huge power and dirty lending habits.

Our economy faces major challenges, including how to:

  • Wean itself off fossil fuels
  • Get billions of pounds of investment into clean energy, transport and manufacturing.


The wrong economic priorities...

But driven by an obsession with increasing economic growth, the Government is bending over backwards to encourage more fossil fuels in the UK.


What should our economy be for?

We see things differently. A new approach to economic decision making is essential. This means challenging the way powerful vested interests think, like the Treasury (see Transforming the Treasury), the oil industry and big banks.


We’re campaigning for:

  • The creation of alternative forms of finance. We are a founder member of the Transforming Finance coalition. We think banks should be more focused on local needs and support projects that invest in the long-term health of the planet.
  • More certainty for investors that the UK is committed to greening the economy.
  • Companies to be more transparent about the impacts of what they do, for example through company reporting.
  • An end to the expansion of the fossil fuel industry in the UK.
  • Communities to have a real say in the economic decisions that affect them.

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