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London's a great city, but it has huge environmental problems. Dirty air, cold and damp homes and threats to green spaces are blighting the quality of many Londoners’ lives. 

But things could be different. As a world city, London can take leadership role in tackling climate change. It can be at the forefront of a transition to a high-tech, resource-efficient economy powered by clean energy.

We’re campaigning to make sure London’s mayor Sadiq Khan lives up to his promise to be the ‘Greenest mayor ever’, and improves London’s environment for all Londoners.

I’m Sophie, and I lead Friends of the Earth’s campaigning in London. A Londoner born and bred, I love walking and cycling around our city, enjoying all that it has to offer.

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Email me on [email protected], call me on 0207 566 1427 or follow me on twitter @sophieneuburg

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