Memories of Basecamp 2015

Over the weekend of 12-14 June, 450 activists came to Derbyshire to learn, collaborate and have a good time.


Fossil Free Basecamp 2015 action

A few highlights of Basecamp 2015:

Some other awesome speakers included:

  • Asad Rehman, Friends of the Earth’s own leader of the campaign for international action to prevent dangerous climate change
  • Andy Atkins, Friends of the Earth’s previous Chief Executive
  • Elaine Gilligan, a veteran Friends of the Earth campaigner and current Head of Programmes
  • David Heller, a network developer and coordinator for the School of Sustainability

And a brief review of the sessions and workshops that were offered (in no particular order, and certainly not broken down tent by tent):

  • Friday: Climate Organisers Induction. Campaign Organisers catch up. Welcome to Basecamp. Introduction to Friends of the Earth. Show me the money. Introduction to the EU. Air pollution is a killer. Introduction to Wellbeing workshop. The struggle against Fracking in the UK – What have we learned so far? Going digital first. Should Friends of the Earth be doing more to support the divestment movement? Intro to sustainable building techniques and cob pizza oven making. Prop making. Friends of the Earth review and prospect. Motions debate. Help shape FOE’s future. The story of your diet and ‘meat smart places.’ Power in our hands – Community renewable energy. Building the climate movement in the UK. How to involve 3-18 year olds in campaigning. How will we win transformational change under the new Government? Getting your group or campaign (back) off the ground. Run on Sun: Turn your MP or Assembly Member into a Solar Champion. Divestment. Telling our stories. From New Orleans to Paris – why Black Lives Matter in the fight against climate change. Evening Yoga. How many ways can you make a Bee World?  Planning, the law and dirty energy. Campaigning with Friends of the Earth. Get up, Stand Up (But Stay Still), Freedom to campaign is under threat. Swing Dance with Declan. Using the Media 1 – why and how. Keynote: Overcoming our climate blind spots. Campfire story telling with Kay Snowdon.

  • Saturday: Morning Sun Yoga. Morning run with Rich. Nature walk with Mike Birkin. Surgeries with Campaigners (Nature, Economics, Fracking, Climate and Energy, Food). Climate Organizer Check-in. Singing for all. International stories. Leaving it in the ground: building a movement against fossil fuel extraction. Making Proggy Mat suns. Building a healthy group. Diary of campaigns. Presenting to young audiences. Sustainable building techniques and cob pizza oven making. Making our meal together. What’s the economy for? Wellbeing – building local movements for change. The Bee Cause in 2015/16 – What we need to do about pesticides. What on earth is TTIP and why should I care? Can Friends of the Earth campaign on population? Gastronomical Journeys – with Slow Food. And introduction to growing mushrooms. Telling our stories. Involving young people in your campaigns. Why do YOU care about nature? How will we win transformational change under the new Government? They’ll never forget how you made them feel. Earthmovers rehearsal. Big Footie match. Judicial Reviews – How to use them as a campaigning tool. Salsa dancing. Prop making. Sketching with Andy Atkins. How to communicate climate change better. 40 years of the environmental movement. Talking to you MP about Climate Change (including Mass Lobby preparation). Putting the social in ‘social media.’ Fracking and climate change – joining the dots. Kick-starting a new paradigm for environmental sustainability and social justice.  How can Friends of the Earth help create 3 million green jobs within 3 years? Does this change everything… do we need to bring down capitalism to save the planet? GM crops – knock knock knocking on Britain’s door? Community fundraising. Using the media – speaking to journalists and doing and interview. Defend nature. Tetra-pak purse making. Roads, runways and coal – linking up climate site battles….


And the list goes on and on... You get the idea, there was a huge amount happening. Some things to stimulate the mind, other sessions to propel people to action, some to keep the body fit and some to keep the spirit elevated. There is certainly something for everyone, and too much for one person to experience all that Basecamp has to offer in one go. So we hope to see you next year.

Group shot of people at Basecamp 2015