Memories of Basecamp 2016

Thank you so much to everyone who made it to Basecamp 2016 and to our partners at Good Energy for making it possible with their generous sponsorship.

We think this year's annual gathering may well have been the best one yet and are looking forward to Basecamp 2017. Here are a few memories … 

Take a look at Harwich Peninsula Local Group member Adam Roxby's recap video which perfectly captures some of the weekend's festivities.  

Basecamp aerial view
Adam Roxby's Basecamp 2016 video

To kick things off, we heard from Friends of the Earth Chief Executive Craig Bennett (below), who gave an inspiring keynote address about the new vision for Friends of the Earth. 

Craig Bennett CEO giving keynote speech at Basecamp 2016

One of the highlights was the John Preedy Memorial Lecture given by none other than Shami Chakrabarti CBE (pictured below). She spoke to us about successful campaigning for social change and the shrinking space for activism, pulling the weekend together under the theme of social justice.  


Saturday evening was one of celebration as environmental activists from around the country received Earthmovers Awards for their exceptional campaigning over the past year. 

Heathrow 13 receiving their award during Earthmovers 2016 ceremony

On the social side, we were spoiled with a variety of musical performances throughout the weekend: reggae band Me and my Friends, Alain Rouamba Kamele's sweet melodies on his ngoni, a West African harp, and an evening of ceilidh with Fitty Gomash.

Basecamp participants taking part in ceilidh dancing

Many of you have told us how great you thought the programme was this year. It was packed with exciting workshops covering topics from Friends of the Earth's major campaigns, spiritual activism and the place faith holds in environmental campaigning, to creative sessions on jewellery-making. 

Basecamp workshop


Basecamp creative session

We were blessed with glorious weather. It was perfect for lounging on hay bales while chatting with campaigning allies, taking a walk in the gorgeous countryside or welcoming summer with a friendly game of frisbee. 

Basecamp participants enjoying sunny weather

We couldn't omit to mention the food. Once again we hosted the Real Junk Food Project and it was simply incredible. With veggie haggis, aubergine dip, a multitude of salads, buttery-garlicky bread, soups and so much more - everyone was astonished to hear that it was all made with food that would have otherwise gone to waste. 

Basecamp participants enjoying food

And where were the kids all this time? Well, they were having the time of their life with the wonderful Ladybird crew in their own dedicated children's area.   

Children playing in the kid's area at Basecamp

Basecamp 2016 ended with everyone coming together to show support for Druridge Bay in Northumberland, which is threatened by a giant opencast coal mine.  

Basecamp Druridge Bay action

Learn more about Druridge Bay and join us in persuading Northumberland councillors to reject the proposed mine.

Help stop an opencast coal mine at Druridge Bay

It was an incredible weekend of learning, training, debating, sharing, dancing, eating, drinking (in moderation), singing, getting creative, and building friendships - all in the name of a better world where people and planet thrive. 

Want to know what partipants thought of Basecamp 2016? 

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On behalf of the crew, thank you for making it the best Basecamp yet.  

Basecamp crew members standing in front of 'Basecamp 2016' sign written using name tags from participants