Responsible companies

Big companies have a huge influence on the environment and the lives of millions.

The best companies know this and are taking steps to reduce their impacts and be more open about what they do. They are what’s known as socially responsible companies.

But many are not socially responsible companies and it’s often hard to find out about the effects of what they do.


Dangerous factories

How do you find out, for example, which high street shops sell clothes made in dangerous factories in Bangladesh? Or which mobile phones contain metals mined in environmentally-damaging ways?

Our Make it Better campaign has been exposing these impacts and getting companies to clean up their act.

Did you know?

The European Commission (EC) estimates that only 2,500 out of 42,000 large companies in the European Union (EU) currently include environmental and social information in their annual reporting.


New law

Thanks to your help lobbying for improvements to their proposed law, the EC has published a new law requiring all large companies to report on their key social, environmental and human impacts and risks of their operations.

We are now continuing to work with the UK Corporate Responsibility coalition CORE and the European Coalition for Corporate Justice (ECCJ) to ensure the law is implemented effectively, especially here in the UK.


Key briefing

ECCJ position paper - Making EU Corporate Reporting work for the People, Planet and Companies