Transforming the Treasury

We think our economic and finance system should be run to put the wellbeing of people and the planet first. That makes the UK Treasury – which holds the purse strings and set economic policy for the Government – hugely important.

It’s a powerful institution with huge influence – in many ways the spider at the centre of the web of Government policy making.

We want to shed light on the decisions the Treasury makes, opening up their inner workings. More often than not, good environmental campaigns fall as a result of Treasury opposition – why is this?

Support our public statement on the need for a new priority for Treasury.

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Our Transforming the Treasury series of blogs, from a range of experts, will give you insight into how Treasury thinks:

When Treasury gets in the way

In recent years we know that the Treasury has, for example:

Often the person who heads the Treasury – the Chancellor – is the real problem. But not always. We think there’s a cultural and institutional problem with the Treasury itself: the models it uses, the assumptions it holds, and the value (or lack of it) it places on preserving a healthy environment.

We know that there are people inside Treasury who understand that building a long-term, green and efficient economy requires a new way of thinking. We think their voices need to be heard.

The Treasury isn’t all bad. When it backs the right policies – like supporting the 2008 Climate Change Act – it can be a very powerful force for good.

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We’re keen to hear from you if you have examples of Treasury obstructionism, good stories to tell, or you know how Governments in other countries have put the environment at the heart of their financial decision making. 

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