So you're coming to Basecamp! On this page you'll find everything you need to know about travel options for the weekend. 


YHA Castleton, where Basecamp is held is just 2.1 miles away from Hope Station (Derbyshire) which serves the Hope Valley Line.

The station is connected to Sheffield and Manchester, and so is linked to busy train stations. Sheffield will be quicker and more convenient if you're coming from the south, east or north-east.

Trains from Manchester and Sheffield both arrive in to Hope just before 20 minutes to the hour. On Friday we will be running a mini-bus shuttle from Hope Station to Basecamp between 11.45 and 17.45. 

If you arrive outside of those times the 272 public bus runs from near Hope station to Castleton, or if the weather's nice it's a 40 minute walk.  

To arrive and settle in time for the start of Basecamp on Friday, try to arrive as close to 12.00 as possible for a 14.00 start.  If you can't make this, don't worry though. Because of intermittant connections, if you are coming by train, we recommend getting to Sheffield by 12.00 or Manchester by 12.30 to arrive at Hope Station by 12.40 and 13.40, respectively.

For the return trip, Basecamp will end at around 16.00 on Sunday. We will also provide shuttle buses down to the station - you'll only need to leave about 20 minutes before your train leaves. 

Check out the National Rail website for more information about trains.

Coaches from London and Sheffield

There will be a coach from London to Castleton on Friday and back again on Sunday. There will be limited places available on this coach for Basecamp delegates. 

To avoid congestion on trains to Hope, we’re providing a free coach from Sheffield railway station to and from Basecamp.

Details for coach bookings will be included in the confirmation email you receive upon booking your Basecamp accomodation.

Parking and getting around the site

There is a limited number of car parking spaces available. Please let us know when you book if you intend to come by car.

As for getting around Basecamp itself, all activities are on the site so you needn’t worry. A mini-bus shuttle will be available for emergency travel and for those who need assistance with mobility.

A mini-bus shuttle will operate to and from Castleton in the mornings and evenings for people staying off-site.

This page will be updated with more travel details as soon they become available.

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