What is TTIP? And why worry about it?

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a secretive agreement being negotiated by the EU and United States right now.

If they get away with implementing it, TTIP risks weakening European laws that protect our health and the environment.

It would also give foreign companies the power to sue governments - in secret courts - if their policies risked damaging a company’s ability to make profit.

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What does TTIP mean? Watch our film

No TTIP, by World Development Movement

Pro-TTIP lobbyists say the trade deal will result in EU-wide growth, jobs and prosperity.

In reality it will:

  • Lower EU and UK food, environmental and health standards
  • Allow foreign companies to sue governments in private international courts
  • Undermine international efforts to combat climate change
  • Not live up to the promised economic benefits. 


Friends of the Earth is

  • Campaigning alongside other groups in the UK, and Europe, to stop TTIP
  • Calling on UK MPs and MEPs to oppose TTIP
  • Calling for increased transparency in trade negotiations. 

To keep up to date with the latest on TTIP, follow our campaigner Sam @SamuelMarcLowe or join our Land, Food and Water Facebook page.

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