Where your money goes

Every £1 you give to Friends of the Earth adds up to create positive change for our environment.

Around 98% of all donations we receive are from individuals and trusts.

  • 75p goes directly to research and campaigning
    Getting to the root of problems and identifying the best solutions. Pooling the knowledge and resources people need to take action and get results. Being the campaigners that put your concerns to key decision-makers and arguing passionately for change on your behalf.
  • 24p helps generate more funds
    Fundraising is crucial to ensure Friends of the Earth remains a free agent. We don’t take money from any source that might try to influence our work. Almost every penny for our vital campaigns comes from people like you.
  • 1p covers the costs of governance
    and meeting charity and company regulatory requirements, including: audit fees, preparation of accounts and senior managers reporting to board meetings.

To read about our recent achievements and to see a summary of this year's accounts please see our Annual Review.

Did you know?

Every pound spent on supporter recruitment and fundraising generated £3.33 (2012/13 every pound spent raised £4.76).

Since 2010 we've been investing in new fundraising methods to increase our number of financial supporters. Our fundraising costs increased in some years as a result.

In 2013/14 we started seeing a healthy return on this investment – our income from regular gifts increased by 1% (£52k) and one-off donations by 26% (£181k) on the previous year.


financial breakdown pie chart, 2013/14