Yorkshire & the Humber

What does Friends of the Earth do in Yorkshire and the Humber?

Yorkshire has been described (mostly by Yorkshire folk) as God's Own Country and it's not difficult to see why. The region's stunningly beautiful countryside mixed with its amazing people make it a fantastic place to live, work and play.

The area offers great opportunities as it moves rapidly from its fossil fuel-based history to a cleaner, more sustainable future.

With much of our region threatened by flooding and coastal erosion, we know we need to tackle climate change and biodiversity loss.

But we also know that the people of our region love a challenge.

I'm Simon Bowens. I was born in Yorkshire and have lived in Leeds for the last 25 years.

After spending a decade in industry, I started working for Friends of the Earth in 2004 and am currently our regional campaigner in Yorkshire and the Humber.

I'm really excited about the future of the region. We see great things happening from the burgeoning of the offshore wind industry on the Humber Estuary to the growth in community-owned renewable energy.

When I'm not working, I'm either spending time with my wife and two young children or I'm out on my bike.

Get in touch - ring me on 0113 2428150, email me at [email protected], follow me on Twitter @SimonBowens or join the Friends of the Earth Yorkshire and Humber Facebook Group.

We also have a network of local groups across Yorkshire & the Humber. Find your local group here.


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