Green economy

The economy should provide us with the basics for a good life. But we can’t have a good life without a healthy planet and the food, clean air and fresh water it gives us. Our free booklet explains how we're campaigning for a better, greener economy - and how you can help.


What's the problem?

The global economy is driven by natural resources – timber, oil, metals, minerals, water, coal and gas. But for too long it has been too cheap and easy to consume these without regard for the natural systems that provide them. This is causing environmental problems on an alarming scale, including:

  • climate change;
  • resource consumption at an unsustainable level;
  • dependence on fossil fuels from volatile parts of the world;
  • environmental injustice where poor communities are hit hardest by pollution;
  • habitat destruction by the meat, mining and logging industries.

The planet can no longer sustain this level of exploitation.

How we can help

We need to change the way our economy works. We need to transform what industries make and do, what we buy and how we power our homes and cars.

A green economy is the only way we can protect our natural world and ensure that we all have a future. This booklet explains what a green economy could look like, including:

  • Renewable energy
    A green economy would promote low-carbon energy sources and energy efficiency, providing new jobs and a reduction in our dependency on polluting fossil fuels.
  • Tax reform
    Financial incentives could help business make greener choices, and be supported with increased taxes on pollution, to force polluters to pay for envirmonmental damage. 
  • Spending reform 
    This would favour schemes that are good for the economy and environment, including public transport - and put a halt on those that aren't, such as inappropriate road building schemes.
  • Climate justice
    We're campaigning for the UK to help developing countries tackle climate change, for example with the introduction of the so-called Robin Hood Tax.

Find out more about how you can help Friends of the Earth campaign to achieve these solutions.

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