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Reacting to the DECC Public Attitudes Tracker survey, published today (Tuesday 29 April 2014), which shows that 80 per cent of the public support renewable energy, Friends of the Earth’s Head of Campaigns, Andrew Pendleton, said:

“With a whopping 80% of the public consistently backing renewable power, and lots of projects now taking off, it’s extraordinary that some ministers are lagging so far behind the popular mood and failing to support the UK’s vast clean energy potential.

“It’s little surprise that shale gas is supported by less than three in ten people. Over-hyped fracking poses a significant threat to local communities across the UK, will do little to tackle climate change and experts warn that it won’t lead to cheaper fuel bills.

“If we want to cut emissions, strengthen our energy security and provide people with affordable power in the future, we must invest in efficiency and renewable power.”


Notes to editors:

  1.  DECC Public Attitudes Tracker survey – Wave 9:


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